Stihl chainsaws, weed wackers, and backpack blowers.

The Sharp Shop has been selling and servicing Stihl chainsaws for over 50 years. They are the most trusted chainsaw by professionals and homeowners in the United States. We always have a big selection in stock and we can order anything Stihl makes and have it delivered to our store for you. Stihl also makes an outstanding line of backpack blowers and weed wackers that many commercial landscapers regard as the very best available. You don’t have to use Stihl Power Equipment day in and day out in all kinds of weather to be able to appreciate the quality and dependable service you get from weekend use.

The Sharp Shop also buys and sells used lawn and power equipment of all kinds. We trade up with customers frequently where we give credit for used gear when purchasing new gear.

Cut faster and with less work by using properly sharpened chains and correct chain tension. We can help you with both.

Check Stihl’s full product line at the Stihl website.